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    May 25, 2014
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    May 25, 2014
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5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location: CT
Date:May 25, 2014
Age: 35-44
Handiness: Very handy
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18out of 21found this review helpful.
Awesome product it works and perform flawlessly!!
Date:May 25, 2014
Pros: easy to install, apple compatible, works from home or away from home, app notifies you if door is open or closed, app will send reminders if door opens or closes
I do not write product reviews very often but this product has greatly improved the garage door security at our home. Now there is an iPhone app that exists for parents with lazy kids who never remember to close the garage when then get in. The device will work with most openers with a "Learn" button. When setup, it will control the opening and closing of your door while at home or away from your home while not actively connected to your home network. Make sure you have good Wi-Fi coverage in your garage, test using your Apple Device while on your home network from the garage, if you can stream content on Safari or any app you should be in good shape. The instructions that cage with the MyQ are very basic, when you get to the stage of downloading the Chamberlain app on your Apple device, there are additional instructions and prompts which guide you properly through the setup process. A few thing that are not explained well in the instructions: be patient, it may take a few minutes for the MyQ hub to find your Wi-Fi network and lock onto it, the LED will be solid green when properly connected to your network; the MyQ hub must be installed on the ceiling above your opener with the holes in the device lid facing your garage door; and the final note, button 1 & 2 on the MyQ hub are for door 1 & door 2, an additional door sensor can be purchased to control a second door using the same installed MyQ hub. This took about 15 mins to setup and program and works flawlessly, I will recommend this product to friends and family, great job!!!
18out of 21found this review helpful.